Road Map

What we plan to add in the next release. Infinispan is on a time-boxed release schedule, with a new minor release every three months. The list below shows features targeted for the next stream of releases (9.x). Bear in mind that features might be postponed to a future release in case they are not of satisfactory quality at the end of a cycle.

Infinispan 9.x (under development)


  • Distributed counters
  • Publish Subscribe / Topics


  • Continue working on refactor the core RPC, threading and interceptor stack around a new reactive design which will minimize resource consumption and reduce locking
  • Performance improvements
  • Graceful shutdown and restart, preserving state and runtime configuration between restarts
  • Off-heap support
  • New internal marshaller
  • Partition conflict resolution and consistency checker
  • Pre-node shutdown checks to ensure that the remaining cluster will have enough resources to continue
  • Compatibility with both Java 8 and Java 9


  • Continuous query materialized view, aggregations, indexed support for initial state
  • Segment affinity for indexes
  • ProtoBuf 3 support for remote queries


  • SNI support
  • EXTERNAL SASL support for client-certificate authorization

Server / Remote

  • Full-text query over HotRod and REST
  • Scripting for more languages
  • Hot Rod transactions
  • Access log for operation

Management console

  • Endpoint management
  • Support embedded deployments with JMX
  • Support standalone servers
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