4.0.0.ALPHA6 - another alpha for Infinispan.

Yes, we’ve felt the need for one more Alpha. This alpha contains a number of bug fixes over Alpha5, as well as some new minor features. Please have a look at the release notes for details.

In addition to code changes, Vladimir Blagojevic has contributed a Doclet to generate a configuration reference. Check this out here. While not all config elements are properly annotated in this release - and as such the configuration reference is somewhat sparse - thanks to this tool, a more complete and up-to-date configuration reference is something you can look forward to in future releases.

Further, Alejandro Montenegro has started compiling steps for an interactive tutorial. Making use of a Groovy shell, this tutorial guides readers through most of Infinispan’s APIs in an interactive manner that would hopefully make it easy to learn about Infispan. Please do give this a try and provide Alejandro with feedback!

Please download and try out this release, and feed back with your thoughts and experiences!

Cheers Manik

Posted by Manik Surtani on 2009-07-13
Tags: alpha
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