Another release candidate this week

We’re in a period of frequent release candidates now, getting Infinispan 5.0 ever closer to a final release.  Thanks to everyone who provided excellent feedback on last week’s CR2.

This week’s release candidate - CR3 - fixes a number of reported bugs including ISPN-1049, ISPN-965 and ISPN-977 and others (full ChangeLog in JIRA).  Better documentation on the new fluent configuration, a wiki page on advanced Flag usage thanks to Galder, as well as better log messages to help you size tables in an RDBMS when using the JDBC CacheStore thanks to Sanne also made it in this timeframe.

And finally, a few new things - new notifications to inform you of when rehashes start and end, and a new, experimental grouping API to give you control over where entries are stored in a distributed cluster, enabling you to specify which entries get colocated together.  Pete Muir - of CDI and Seam fame - contributed this patch, we’d love your feedback on it.

As per usual, downloads are in the usual place, use the forums to provide feedback and report any issues.

Enjoy Manik

Posted by Manik Surtani on 2011-05-20
Tags: colocation release candidate
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