5.2.0.Beta1 released!

This is the complete list of bugs/features released. Highlights:

  • Various enhancements for the distributed executor framework (ISPN-2287ISPN-2286ISPN-1513)

  • A new, faster, more efficient and elegant implementation of the AsyncCacheStore - big thanks to Karsten Blees for contributing it!

  • The default transaction enlistment model has changed from "xa" to "synchronization". You should only care about this if you’re using recovery (ISPN-1284).

  • The ability to mark a site as offline after a certain number of request (ISPN-2319)

You can download the distribution or the maven artifact. If you have any questions please check our forums, our mailing lists or ping us directly on IRC!

Cheers, Mircea

Posted by Mircea Markus on 2012-10-03
Tags: beta release
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