Infinispan 5.2.0.Beta5

Hi Infinispan users,

5.2.0.Beta5 contains the usual batch of fixes especially around Non-Blocking state transfer functionality, Map Reduce and the CLI.

Functionality-wise, it is now possible to read/write data concurrently to the same remote cache both via a RemoteCacheManager and a RemoteCacheStore by enabling "rawValues" in the latter. This is the final item that was needed to enable us to implement Rolling Upgrades for remote caches. Because of this feature the HotRod protocol required a couple of extensions and therefore its version has been bumped to 1.2

For a detailed list of all the issues fixed please refer the release notes.

You can download the distribution or the maven artifact. If you have any questions please check our forums, our mailing lists or ping us directly on IRC!


Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2012-12-03
Tags: beta release
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