Infinispan 8.0.0.Beta2

Dear Infinispan Community,

We are happy to announce the second Beta release of Infinispan 8.0.0!

This release brings many improvements and fixes:

  • Distributed Stream support (ISPN-5293) - Support for distributed operations allowing for efficient remote aggregations and others (a detailed blog post will follow).

  • Grouping and aggregations with DSL based queries (ISPN-5416).

  • Log4J 2.x support (which people have been demanding for a long time).

  • The Server is now based upon WildFly 9.

  • Improvements in the Remote Iterator that will benefit the upcoming Apache Spark connector.

  • Development on our web based admin console continues as planned. We have added cache configuration viewers, updated live cache statistics as well as an ability to create caches from the admin console. Stay tuned for latest developments on our admin console project at

For a complete list of features and bug fixes included in this release please refer to the[ release notes]. Visit our[ downloads] section to find the latest release.

We plan to release 8.0.0.Final at the end of August, so please stay tuned for more exciting developments happening during this cycle.

If you have any questions please check our[ forums], our[ mailing lists] or ping us directly on IRC.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this release!


The Infinispan team

Posted by Unknown on 2015-07-24
Tags: grouping and aggregation
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