Infinispan 8.0.1.Final (and 7.2.5.Final)

Dear all,

we’ve just cooked two new point releases of Infinispan to address a number of issues.

The highlights for 8.0.1.Final are:  

  • ISPN-5717 Notify continuous query also when entry expires

  • ISPN-5591 Simple local cache without interceptor stack. This is an extremely fast cache with very few features (no transactions, no indexing, no persistence, etc). Its primary intendend usage is as a 2nd-level cache for Hibernate, but we’re sure you can find lot’s of other applications for it, provided you don’t require all the bells and whistles that come with our fully-fledged caches.

  • Bump Hibernate Search to 5.5.0.CR1 and Lucene to 5.3.0

  • A number of query fixes, including indexing and searching of null non-string properties, aggregation expressions in orderBy, filter with both 'where' and 'having' in the same query

  • ISPN-5731 Cannot use aggregation expression in orderBy

  • Read the complete release notes

The highlights for 7.2.5.Final are:

  • ISPN-5607 Preemptively invalidate near cache after writes

  • ISPN-5670 Hot Rod server sets -1 for lifespan or maxIdle as default

  • ISPN-5677 RemoteCache async methods use flags

  • ISPN-5684 Make getAll work with compatibility mode in DIST

  • Read the complete release notes

Get it, learn how to use it, help us improve it.

Enjoy !

The Infinispan team

Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2015-09-10
Tags: release
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