Infinispan 8.1.0.Final is out!

Dear all,

We are proud to announce the release of Infinispan 8.1.0.Final, codenamed “Mahou”, the culmination of four months of active development.

This release brings many enhancements but most of all we would like to highlight the new Infinispan Web Management Console which is finally ready for prime time. We have gone through quite a few iterations in UI/UIX design to make sure the majority of use case scenarios are covered. In 8.2 release we are going to add further enhancements to configuring and managing endpoints, server tasks, cache containers and others. Until then, have a look, try it out and do not forget to provide us with your feedback. As a teaser, we provide you with the following video showcasing the new admin console.

Discover all the cool new features here or read the full release notes here. You can get this release from our[ download page] as usual. If you are new to Infinispan you can learn how to use it and help us continually improve it.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more posts covering the new features!

The Infinispan team

Posted by Unknown on 2015-12-08
Tags: release console final
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