Infinispan 8.2.0.Beta2 and 8.1.2.Final

Dear Infinispan community,

we’re proud to announce two fresh releases today. First off is 8.2.0.Beta2, from our development branch. It is packed with a bunch of goodies:

  • lots of enhancements and additions to the administration console for Infinispan Server, such as cluster event views, task management, container administration and deployments. Some of these will be further refined before the upcoming Final release. If you prefer to manage your servers from the good ol' command-line, the CLI commands have also been similarly enhanced.

  • performance improvements for clustered reads, bulk and stream ops, and a sensible reduction in memory allocation rate. More improvements will come as we are rewriting some parts of the core to allow further optimizations.

  • a new distributed executor, ClusterExecutor which does not require an existing distributed cache and which comes complete with Java 8 goodness such as CompletableFutures and lambda support. This nicely complements our existing Streams support.

  • a new, experimental index manager to store indexes on Infinispan with better scalability and indexing throughput. Additionally we’ve upgraded Lucene to 5.4.1 and Hibernate Search to 5.6.0.Alpha1

  • the ability to indicate a number of nodes for initial cluster formation

  • lots of bug fixes

We’re still on track for a Final release at the end of the month.

We’ve also been fixing bugs in our stable 8.1 stream, which means we have a freshly released 8.1.2.Final.

Check out the development release notes, the stable release notes, download the releases and tell us all about it on the forum, on our issue tracker or on IRC on the #infinispan channel on Freenode.

Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2016-02-17
Tags: beta release
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