Infinispan 8.2.0.Final is out!

Dear community,

We are proud to announce the release of Infinispan 8.2.0.Final. and try it out!

This release is highlighted by performance improvements and multiple fixes, and it introduces some new cool features. We emphasize the following:

  • New algorithm for remote reads in distributed mode that reduces the network usage

  • From now on, the consistent hash is shared among caches with the same membership - entries in different caches using the same key will be co-located

  • A new lambda-enabled Cluster Executor which does not require a clustered cache, but can be constructed directly from a DefaultCacheManager.

  • Protostream 3.0.5, Lucene 5.5, Hibernate Search 5.6.0.Alpha2

  • And many tweaks and improvements overall.

Infinispan Server obviously deserves a list of its own:

Infinispan Server was gifted with a brand new event logger. Now it is possible to check the last 7 days events like caches starting/stopping, nodes join/leaving, task execution and security audits. In addition, it is based on Wildfly 10.

Admin Console improvements

  • Persistent login session which survives browser refresh

  • Deployment / undeployment of user code

  • Management of ProtoBuf schemas for indexing

  • Management of Scripts for task execution

  • Event viewing

  • Much improved cache and template configuration

  • Cache container configuration

  • PatternFly 3.2

We are now preparing the next development cycle and we will introduce new features and improvements. Stay tuned to know what is coming in Infinispan 9.0. 

Check out the stable release notes, and tell us all about it on the forum, on our issue tracker or on IRC on the #infinispan channel on Freenode.

Cheers, The Infinispan team.

Posted by Pedro Ruivo on 2016-03-08
Tags: release
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