Bleeding edge on Docker

As you may have noticed our Docker images are published together with (or very soon after) releases. But what if you want to try out some brand features which have just been merged? In that case you need to build an image by yourself.

Step #1 - Clone JBoss Docker image repository

At first you will need to clone our Infinispan Docker images:


Step #2 - Build or download the latest SNAPSHOT

There are two options here - you can build the distribution yourself or use SNAPSHOTs available on JBoss Nexus repository.

The first option requires checking out the Infinispan source code and performing a Maven build:

The second one is much simpler (Infinispan SNAPSHOTs are pushed into the repository after each successful build:

==== Step #3 - building Infinispan Docker image

One of the steps for building Infinispan Docker image is to download the distribution from Infinispan Download page. We need to slightly modify this step and use our manually downloaded packages.

Modify the Dockerfile as shown below:

Now you are ready to invoke the Docker build:


As you can see building a SNAPSHOT based docker image is very simple. From my own experience I can tell you that pushing it into Docker Hub is the fastest way to start playing with it in any PaaS environment (e.g. Openshift Online)

Happy building!

Posted by Sebastian Łaskawiec on 2016-07-20
Tags: docker
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