Thanks JFokus!!

We’re now back from JFokus and we’d like to thank organizers, attendees, volunteers and sponsors for making JFokus a very enjoyable experience! :)

From an Infinispan perspective, we started the week with a Streaming Data deep-dive session presented together with Clement Escoffier. This was a 3h long session, so there was plenty to go through but we managed to do it on time. The final demo did not fully work, but this is something we will improving it in the near future. Slides can be found in [1]

[6] and the code can be found here. This session was not recorded.

Next day I had a talk on streaming data analysis on top of Kubernetes where I went through some of the topics explained in the deep dive. This was mostly a live coding session showing how to work with streaming data on top OpenShift/Kubernetes which run on Google Cloud. This session was recorded. I’ll keep an eye for when the video becomes available to share it here. The code from this session can be found here, slides here and the live coding instructions here.

The rest of the conference was a blast, with many networking opportunities. During this networking I started working on an RxJava2 API facade for Infinispan remote API, which would make it easier to fit with other reactive toolkits out there, such as Vert.x :). More news on this soon

Cheers, Galder

Posted by Galder Zamarreño on 2018-02-18
Tags: conference
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