Infinispan 9.4.0.Beta1 is out!

Infinispan users,

We have just released 9.4.0.Beta1 which includes bug fixes and improvements. Highlights of this release include:

Removal of WebSocket server support (ISPN-9386);

One step closer to remove compatibility mode, by dropping it from Remote Queries, Tasks and Scripts (ISPN-9180, ISPN-9182)

Recovery Support for Hot Rod client transactions (ISPN-9261)

Fixed issue with Hot Rod client near cache for async operations (ISPN-9393)

Improvements in Ickle (ISPN-9378)

Additional Segmented Stores

RocksDB supports single database segmentation (ISPN-9375)

RemoteStore segmented for additional stream performance (ISPN-9376)

RocksDB now allows for properties to be provided to configure underlying database (ISPN-9371)

Component Upgrades:

  • Protostream upgraded to version 4.2.1.Final (ISPN-9399)

  • Hibernate ORM upgraded to version 5.3.4.Final (ISPN-9406)

Other bug fixes.

The full list of 9.4.0.Beta1 fixes are here.

You can find both releases on our download page. Please report any issues in our issue tracker and join the conversation in our Zulip Chat to shape up our next release.

Enjoy, The Infinispan Team

Posted by Pedro Ruivo on 2018-08-03
Tags: release beta
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