Native JSON and Node 8.11 baseline in Node.js client 0.6.0!!

Infinispan Node.js client 0.6.0 is out now!! :)

As well as updating the client so that it understand the latest Hot Rod protocols in Infinispan 9.4.0.Final, this version comes with native JSON object support.

To make the Node.js client backwards compatible, the client still treats key/value pairs as String by default. If you want to use native JSON objects, you have to explicitly configure the Node.js client to do so (see example).

Starting with this version, we’ve upgraded the base Node version requirement to 8.11, which is the latest stable release branch at the time of writing. With such upgrade, the client no longer needs to use external promise dependency which was know to leak.

If you’re a Node.js user and want to store data remotely in Infinispan server instances, please give the client a go and tell us what you think of it via our forum, via our issue tracker or via Zulip on Infinispan channel.

Cheers Galder

Posted by Galder Zamarreño on 2018-10-31
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