Infinispan 10.1.0.Final

Hi there,

we finish 2019 in style with the Final release of Infinispan 10.1, codenamed "Turia".

Server console

The highlight of this release is the new server console which is now based on Patterfly 4 and React.js. We will soon have a blog post detailing the work that has been done and our future plans. In the meantime, here are a few screenshots:

Welcome Page
Console Caches
Console Cache Stats


Many changes related to security have happened since 10.0:

  • Native SSL/TLS provided by WildFly OpenSSL. The server only ships with native libraries for Linux x86_64, but you can download natives for other platforms and architectures

  • Improved usability of the Hot Rod client configuration with better defaults

  • Full support for authorization for admin operations via the RESTful endpoint

  • Console authentication support

  • Kerberos authentication for both Hot Rod (GSSAPI, GS2) and HTTP/Rest (SPNEGO)

  • Improved LDAP realm configuration with connection tuning and attribute references

  • Rewritten client/server security documentation including examples on how to create certificate chains, connecting to various LDAP directories and KeyCloak, etc.


  • A command-line switch to specify an alternate logging configuration file

  • Query and indexing operations/stats are now exposed over the RESTful API

  • Tasks and Scripting support

  • Support for binding the endpoints to / ::0 (aka INADDR_ANY)


More work has landed on the quest to completely remove blocking calls from our internals. The following have been made non-blocking:

  • State transfer

  • The size operation

  • Cache stream ops with primitive types

Additionally caches now have a reactive Publisher which is intended as a fully non-blocking approach to distributed operations.


  • The query components have been reorganized so that they are more modular.


  • The introduction of histogram and timer metrics.

  • The /metrics endpoint now includes base and vendor microprofile metrics


  • The REST cache store has been updated to use the v2 RESTful API.

Removals and deprecations

  • The old RESTful API (v1) has been partially reinstated until 11.0. Bulk ops are disabled.

  • The Infinispan Lucene Directory has been deprecated.

  • The memcached protocol server has been deprecated. If you were relying on this, come and talk to us about working on a binary protocol implementation.

Bug fixes, clean-ups and documentation

Over 160 issues fixed including a lot of documentation updates. See the full list of changes and fixes

Get it, Use it, Ask us!

Please download, report bugs, chat with us, ask questions on StackOverflow.

Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2019-12-23
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