Infinispan 11.0.0.Alpha2 and 10.1.3.Final

Dear Infinispan community,

we’ve just tagged a couple of releases.

First off is the second Alpha release of what will eventually become Infinispan 11. The release notes may not be exciting, but it is mostly preparatory work for the big features we are working on: vastly improved async cross-site replication, monitoring, query improvements, the console and the CLI, and more.

We also released a micro-update to 10.1 which fixes quite a few bugs, especially in the way we handle JMX and MP metrics and further improves the documentation.

New release naming scheme

Starting with the next development release of Infinispan 11, we will be adopting a new naming scheme. We will no longer be using the Alpha and Beta monikers, but we will use a progressive Dev suffix to indicate that it’s a development release. The next release will therefore be called 11.0.0.Dev03.

Get it, Use it, Ask us!

Please download, report bugs, chat with us, ask questions on StackOverflow.

Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2020-03-03
Tags: release
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