Friday, 17 July 2009

First experiences presenting Infinispan

Last week was one of the most exciting weeks for me since joining the Infinispan team because for the very first time, I was going to present Infinispan to the world :)

Firstly last Tuesday, I introduced Infinispan to Switzerland['s Java User Group], where a crowd of around 20 people learned about the usability improvements introduced, the performance and memory consumption enhancements, and forthcoming new features. To finish the presentation, I showed the audience a demo of 3 distributed Infinispan instances connected to an Amazon S3 cache store via JClouds. I received some very positive feedback from the attendees who, in particular, were interested in finding out the differences between grid and cloud computing.

Two days later I went to Brussels to do the same presentation for Belgium’s JBoss User Group and the reaction was even better there! A lot of Spring developers attended the presentation who were very keen on integrating Infinispan in their own projects.

From here I’d like to thank all the people who attended these two sessions and in particular the organizers, Jakob Magun and Phillip Oser from Switzerland’s Java User Group and Joris De Winne from Belgium’s JBoss User Group.

Cheers, Galder

Posted by Galder Zamarreño on 2009-07-17
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Monday, 13 July 2009

4.0.0.ALPHA6 - another alpha for Infinispan.

Yes, we’ve felt the need for one more Alpha. This alpha contains a number of bug fixes over Alpha5, as well as some new minor features. Please have a look at the release notes for details.

In addition to code changes, Vladimir Blagojevic has contributed a Doclet to generate a configuration reference. Check this out here. While not all config elements are properly annotated in this release - and as such the configuration reference is somewhat sparse - thanks to this tool, a more complete and up-to-date configuration reference is something you can look forward to in future releases.

Further, Alejandro Montenegro has started compiling steps for an interactive tutorial. Making use of a Groovy shell, this tutorial guides readers through most of Infinispan’s APIs in an interactive manner that would hopefully make it easy to learn about Infispan. Please do give this a try and provide Alejandro with feedback!

Please download and try out this release, and feed back with your thoughts and experiences!

Cheers Manik

Posted by Manik Surtani on 2009-07-13
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Friday, 10 July 2009


imageI will be presenting on Infinispan, data grids and the data fabric of clouds at JBoss World Chicago, in September 2009. I will cover a brief history of Infinispan and the motivations behind the project, and then talk in a more abstract manner about data grids and the special place they occupy in providing data services for clouds.

In addition, I expect to pontificate on my thoughts on clouds and the future of computing in general to anyone who buys me a coffee/beer! :-)

So go on, convince your boss to let you go, and attend my talk, and hopefully I’ll see you there!

Cheers Manik

Posted by Manik Surtani on 2009-07-10
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Monday, 06 July 2009

Upcoming JUG and JBUG talks on Infinispan

image I will be speaking at a number of JUGs around Europe this month. In addition, other core Infinispan devs will also be making JUG and conference appearances. I’ve put together a calendar of events which you can track, or add to your Google calendar to monitor.

This is a great chance for folks to learn about Infinispan, cloud and distributed computing, and where the project is headed. Hope to see you at one or more of these events!

Cheers Manik

Posted by Manik Surtani on 2009-07-06
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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Executing TestNG tests relying on @Parameters from Eclipse

If you wanna run TestNG tests relying on @Parameters like the one below from Eclipse, you need to pass some value for the 'basedir' parameter, otherwise Eclipse will complain:

@Test(groups = "unit", enabled = true, testName = "loaders.bdbje.BdbjeCacheStoreIntegrationTest")
  public class BdbjeCacheStoreIntegrationTest extends BaseCacheStoreTest {
    private String tmpDirectory;
    protected void setUpTempDir(String basedir) {
       tmpDirectory = basedir + TestingUtil.TEST_PATH + File.separator + getClass().getSimpleName();

Having looked around on the web, it’s not clear how to do this and some people even seem to claim that it’s not doable. However, having looked at how Maven deals with this, you simply have to pass the parameter as system property and it will work. So, if you wanna run BdbjeCacheStoreIntegrationTest from Eclipse, simply pass a system property like this:


Otherwise, Eclipse will moan with a message like this:

  Parameter 'basedir' is required by @Configuration on method setUpTempDir
Posted by Galder Zamarreño on 2009-06-18
Tags: ide testing
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