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Infinispan on tour, March-April 2019

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Infinispan has been on tour!!

 I - Katia Aresti - had the chance to present 3 talks in 3 different conferences and countries during the last month:

Breizh Camp 2019 the 22th March, Rennes (France)

BreizhCamp - 9ème édition - 20

Greach Conf 2019, 29th March, Madrid (Spain)

Greach 2019

Voxxed Days Milano 2019, 13th April, Milan (Italy)

VoxxedDays Milan

Breizh Camp

2019 has been BreizhCamp’s 9th - Code Busters - edition and they sold-out the conference in a matter of hours (wow).

I did not have the time to attend any talk. Unfortunately, due to my personal schedule, I arrived on Thursday night, and I was presenting on Friday after lunch. This was the second time I was giving this presentation, but I did lot’s of changes since the first time, including:


Breizh Camp Code Busters Edition, Photo credit @BreizhCamp 2019

On Friday morning I was stressed and I ran my presentation at the hotel. I arrived at the venue, delivered my talk and headed back to Paris. I deeply regretted not spending more time hanging out with other speakers and attendees, but I really couldn’t make it this time :(

Greach Conf

Greach Conf is a lovely conference held in Madrid (Spain) for several years now. A 100% international conference, it has been organized by the Groovy community. 

This year they have changed the conference lineup adding an Android/Testing track and focusing on a bigger spectrum of technologies around the JVM.


Greach Conf 2019. Photo credit José Miguel Rodríguez

I learned a bunch of new things, including content related to SDKMan!, Gradle, the future of Grails and of course, Micronaut. As the principal maintainer of Spring-Boot and Infinispan integration, Micronaut felt new and familiar at the same time. I really enjoyed the workshop delivered by Alvaro Sánchez who will be in Devoxx France this week. The framework is really impressive. Give it a try!

You will find on Twitter a complete thread about my Greach Conf impressions:

Coming back to Paris after 3 amazing days in Madrid as speaker and attendee at @greachconf #greach opening a thread 👇🏻

— Katia Aresti (@karesti) 30 mars 2019

Voxxed Days Milano

Voxxed Days Milano (Italy) was organizing the first edition this year and I really loved this conference in every aspect of it! Thanks, Mario Fusco and all the team involved for making it possible!


Voxxed Days Milano - Photo credit Sanne Grinovero 

I’ve written a full thread on Twitter with my impressions. You can find it attached to the tweet where I share all the content I’ve used in Greach Conf, BreizhCamp and Voxxed Days Milano:

My presentation content #VDM19 is available! @VoxxedMilano ! Thanks for attending!

The code of @vertx_project and @Infinispan embedded

The code of @QuarkusIO and @Infinispan client/server

— Katia Aresti (@karesti) 13 avril 2019

Thanks to Breizh Camp, Greach Conf and Voxxed Days Milano for the opportunity to share around distributed caches and for the amazing time I’ve had during this month in each of the conferences.

This tour is now over for a while but will continue before summer. I will be presenting this talk (with upgrades, so stay tuned) in Dev Fest Lille in June 2019 (France), in Comunidad CODE (Virtual talk) and Software Crafters Bilbao in Spanish.

Devoxx France 

Devoxx France is taking place this week in Paris. I will be there, so if you want to chat about Distributed caches, Datagrids, NoSQL Key-Value databases, or integration with your favorite framework feel free to reach me on twitter!

There are lot’s of new features and Reactive APIs to be done for Infinispan 10, so my main focus will be there for a bit.

Stay Tuned And Happy Coding!

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Tuesday, 05 June 2018

Thanks Great Indian Developer Summit & Voxxed Days Zurich

A few days after Devoxx France, I headed for Great Indian Developer Summit in Bangalore where I spoke about handling streaming data on top of a Kubernetes platform. This was a very similar talk to the one I gave at JFokus but with some important changes. Together with Clement we created a small RxJava 2 façade for Infinispan. When combined with Vert.x RxJava 2 API, we could finally have an idiomatic way of handling streaming data asynchronously and coordinating events purely using RxJava 2 APIs. This is crucial for working with streaming data in an efficient way. On top of that, I made some changes to push the binary data used by the demo outside of the deployment.

Unfortunately Murphy struck during the presentation and I was unable to run the live coding demo. A problem with Docker size image during preparation combined with a cleanup I ran before the talk meant some of the images had to be re-downloaded. The wireless internet connection at the conference nor the mobile connection were good enough for me to recover it. Once back in the hotel where I had a stable connection I was able to record a screencast of the steps I would have followed during the Great Indian Developer Summit talk. You can find this screencast below:

The code from the demo can be found here. The live coding steps I followed are defined here. Finally the slides can be found here:

Finally, for something slightly different, back in March I joined Ray Tsang for a talk at Voxxed Days Zurich. This was a really fun talk to be part of! We combined past stories of my time at JBoss support with Ray’s Kubernetes troubleshooting experience to create an engaging talk :). You can find the video below:

The week after Sebastian Łaskawiec and I travelled to Red Hat Summit as part of the work we did to integrate Red Hat Data Grid (Infinispan product version) into the Scavenger Hunt game presented on the keynote of the last day. Both Sebastian and I have been working on a blog series which will be published very soon.

Cheers, Galder

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Monday, 30 April 2018

Danke Javaland, Merci Devoxx France!

Ever since we started the Infinispan project, I simply don’t recall a time busier than the current one! As usual we’re working on new features and supporting our community and enterprise users, but on top of that we’re working on a big scale demo that we hope you are going to like it!

All of that has been happening with at the same time juggling one of the busiest periods in Infinispan evangelisation that I can remember! Here’s what I have been up to past month and a half:


On 18th of March I gave a brand new presentation at Javaland where I explored the Java RPC framework landscape. Since 2010, Infinispan has offered a binary remote, client/server API for interacting with the data. As more clients have been developed, we’ve been noticing that we’re spending more time that’d we’d like implementing features across different clients. In this talk I looked at existing Java RPC frameworks from the point of view of Infinispan’s remote API requirements. If we were to implement our binary protocol again, which option would fit best? The spectrum can be very vast so I limited myself to some know options (HTTP 1.1 REST), some options we have expertise on (Netty), some upcoming players (gRPC) and some lesser known but very powerful players (Aeron). The talk was not recorded but the slides can be found here:

Javaland was a very enjoyable conference set in a theme park near Cologne. The sessions were a mix in German and English. Although my German is not very good, I was able to follow some of the sessions.


After Javaland, I turned my attention to Devoxx France which was held in Paris mid-April. I had a couple of sessions at Devoxx France. The first was a streaming data analysis 3 hour university talk delivered along with Clement Escoffier from the Vert.x team. We already delivered this session at JFokus earlier this year, but at Devoxx France it was recorded so you’ll soon to be able to watch it! In the mean time, slides can be found below:

On top of that, Ray Tsang from Google joined Clement and I to deliver a 3 hour streaming data hands-on lab at Devoxx France. This was the same workshop we delivered in Devoxx Belgium and Codemotion Madrid in 2017. The big difference was that instead of having the users run it locally on their laptops within a virtual machine, they could run OpenShift and all the components inside of Google Cloud Platform. The users had a better experience as a result of not having to deal with a virtual machine :). I’d like to say special thanks to Ray for the Google Cloud Platform test accounts and the support during the workshop.


Finally, many thanks to all attendees that came to the sessions, and to the organisers/sponsors for creating two outstanding events!

In the next blog post I’ll be talking about Great Indian Developer Summit and Voxxed Days Zurich. Stay tuned! :)

Cheers, Galder

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Thanks JFokus!!

We’re now back from JFokus and we’d like to thank organizers, attendees, volunteers and sponsors for making JFokus a very enjoyable experience! :)

From an Infinispan perspective, we started the week with a Streaming Data deep-dive session presented together with Clement Escoffier. This was a 3h long session, so there was plenty to go through but we managed to do it on time. The final demo did not fully work, but this is something we will improving it in the near future. Slides can be found in [1]

[6] and the code can be found here. This session was not recorded.

Next day I had a talk on streaming data analysis on top of Kubernetes where I went through some of the topics explained in the deep dive. This was mostly a live coding session showing how to work with streaming data on top OpenShift/Kubernetes which run on Google Cloud. This session was recorded. I’ll keep an eye for when the video becomes available to share it here. The code from this session can be found here, slides here and the live coding instructions here.

The rest of the conference was a blast, with many networking opportunities. During this networking I started working on an RxJava2 API facade for Infinispan remote API, which would make it easier to fit with other reactive toolkits out there, such as Vert.x :). More news on this soon

Cheers, Galder

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Friday, 02 February 2018

Infinispan coming to JFokus!!


The Infinispan team is on the move again! After Katia’s trip to Snowcamp, it’s my turn to head  to JFokus, Sweden’s largest developer conference.

For JFokus we’ve morphed the streaming data workshop we delivered last year at Devoxx Belgium and Codemotion Madrid into a 3 hour long deep dive tutorial. This will be delivered Monday 5th February at 13:30 local time.

On top of that, I’ll be delivering a talk on streaming data analysis with Kubernetes where Infinispan will be featured. If you’re interested make sure you come on Tuesday, 6th February at 14:00 local time.

So, if you’re coming to JFokus and you’re interesting in data grids, streaming data or similar topics, make sure you attend our talks.

Cheers, Galder

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Monday, 29 January 2018

Back from Snowcamp 2018


This week, I’m recovering from the Snowcamp 2018 conference in Grenoble. I had an amazing time there, where I could hang-out with people from the french community, discussing tech, coding, non-blocking APIs, lifestyle and diversity!

My talk was on Thursday at 15:00. It was very exciting for me because I was live-coding in front of so many people for the first time! I got very valuable feedback from attendees and speakers to improve my content, live-coding skills and encouragements to submit this talk to other user groups and conferences this year.


This presentation focuses on the work we have been doing to provide a new API available in Infinispan 9.2 (final release coming very very soon!!!): Clustered Locks. These locks are distributed and non blocking, allowing us to synchronise protected code between different Infinispan nodes across a cluster.

It’s a 45 minutes talk, so I’m not presenting the API just from the user point of view; instead I go deep into the actual Clustered Locks internals. We have built this first implementation on top of existing Infinispan’s APIs, which proves that they can be used to do much more than just speeding your applications and caching!

The first user of these locks is the Vert.x-Infinispan Cluster Manager. Before going into the implementation details, I show how to create a cluster of Vert.x applications using Infinispan and a simple example of when and how to use a Vert.x Lock. Underneath Vert.x Locks, the next release of the cluster manager will be using the Clustered Locks API. I’m preparing a longer article on this matter, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, enjoy the presentation slides!

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Monday, 22 January 2018

Infinispan coming to Snowcamp 2018


This week, the 25th of January, I will be presenting a talk about Clustered Locks at the Snowcamp 2018 conference in Grenoble (France). During the live-coding talk, I will share the design and code I’ve been working on to create this first version of the clustered locks. These locks will be used by the Vert.x Cluster Manager, but they can be useful to any Infinispan user since version 9.2 (final release coming very soon!!). If you are planning to use this API, we would love to hear from you to give us some feedback and keep us posted on your use case!

If you are attending the conference, fell free to reach me to discuss about Infinispan+Vert.x, locks, Multimap, cute names or any other topic that you care about!

See you!


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Thursday, 21 December 2017

2017: A busy year for Infinispan evangelisation!

It’s been a very busy year from an Infinispan evangelisation perspective, so before the year ends, we wanted to round up the conferences and user groups that featured Infinispan related talks. This is a good opportunity to catch up on what we’ve been showing in our Infinispan outings:

Patterns d’utilisation de systèmes in memory 

by Emmanuel Bernard and Galder Zamarreño @ Devoxx France

This was our first outing of the year with Emmanuel and I showing the audience at Devoxx France the different use cases for data grids. This was also the first time we showed swiss train related demos which we’d improve throughout the year. Slides can be found here and video below:

Big Data In Action with Infinispan

In this talk, I focused on the big data related use cases for Infinispan. I showed how Infinispan could be used for near real-time data processing using Continuous Querys, and how to analise data using distributed Java Streams. Slides can be found here and the demo here. The video from the DevNation talk can be found here:

HACEP: Highly available and horizontally scalable complex event processing

by Ugo Landini, Sanne Grinovero, Andrea Leoncini, Andrea Tarocchi @ Red Hat Summit

In this hands on lab, Ugo et al showed how to build a highly available and scalable complex event processing engine with Red Hat JBoss BRMS and and Red Hat JBoss Data Grid (the commercial supported version of Infinispan). This workshop resulted in unmissable architecture reference guide.

Learn how to build Functional Reactive Applications with Elm, Node.js and Infinispan

by Galder Zamarreño @ Great Indian Developer Summit @ J On The Beach

The aim of this talk is to demonstrate how Infinispan’s Node.js client could be combined with Elm and Infinispan server instances to build a functional reactive application. The talk focused on how build a CRUD application using Elm and Node.js technologies and using Infinispan in-memory data grids for storing and querying information. Slides can be found here:

Streaming Data Analysis with Kubernetes

by Galder Zamarreño

This talk is a spin off of the big data in action talk which focuses on exploring in greater detail how streaming data can be analysed within a Kubernetes orchestrated cluster. The demo can be found here and the slides here:

Data grids : descubre qué esconden los datos

by Galder Zamarreño

This talk is a Spanish spin off the analytics part of the big data in action talk. Not only did it showed how to use distributed Java Streams to analyse data with Infinispan, but also demonstrated the capabilities of Spark/Hadoop integrations. The demos can be found here and here, and the slides here:

Streaming Data : ni pierdas el tren, ni esperes en balde

by Galder Zamarreño

A Spanish version of the streaming data analysis talk delivered in Basel One.

This talk was recorded, so hoping for the video to be available soon.  Update (2018/02/02): The video is now available here:

In the mean time, the demo can be found here and the slides here:

Streaming Data Workshop

by Katia Aresti, Thomas Segismont and Galder Zamarreño

A hands-on workshop showing how to work with streaming data with Infinispan and Vert.x, on top of OpenShift container platform. No videos were recorded but you can follow this workshop step by step following instructions here. The Github repository can be found here and the latest slides here:

There’s plenty the to keep you entertained between now and the new year! :)

If you have any doubts about the talks above, or you encounter any issues running the demos, do not hesitate contacting us! In the mean time, the Infinispan team is working hard on Infinispan 9.2 as well as improving our OpenShift integration.



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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Back from Madrid JUG and Codemotion Madrid!!

We’ve just come back from our trip to Spain and first of all, we’d like to thank everyone who attended our talks and workshops at Madrid Java User Group and Codemotion Madrid as well organisers and sponsors who made it possible!



We had a very hectic schedule, which started with a Red Hat double bill for Madrid JUG. Thomas Segismont started the evening with Vert.x talk and Galder followed up with a talk on how to do data analytics using Infinispan-based data grids.

In the data analytics talk, Galder focused on how to use distributed Java Streams to do analytics and also showed how to use Infinispan Spark connector when Java Streams are not enough. The distributed Java Streams demo he ran can be found here. The most relevant files of that demo are:

Galder also demonstrated how to use Infinispan Spark connector by showing the Twitter example. The slides from this talk (in Spanish) can be found here:

Next day on Friday, Galder gave a talk at Codemotion Madrid on working with streaming data with Infinispan, Vert.x and OpenShift. For the first time he was running it all on top of Google Cloud, so he could finally free up my laptop from running the demos and take advantage of the power of a cloud provider!

The demo can be found here where you can also find instructions on how to run it on top of Google Cloud. If you want to follow the same steps he followed during the talk, live coding instructions are here. The slides from this talk (in Spanish) can be found here:

Finally on Saturday we delivered the Streaming Data workshop at Codemotion Madrid. Once again, basing our workshop on top of Virtual Box still caused us some issues, but people managed to get through it. We have some plans for next year to avoid the need of Virtual Box, stay tuned!




We have added more detailed instructions on how to run the workshop in your office or at home, so if you’re interested in going through it, make sure you check these steps and let us know how they work for you:


This trip to Madrid wraps up a very intense year in terms of promoting Infinispan! Next month we’ll be doing a recap of the talks, videos…​etc so that you can catch up with them in case you missed any of them :)

Katia & Galder Un saludo!

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Infinispan and Vert.x coming to Codemotion Spain and Madrid JUG

I’m happy to announce that Infinispan and Eclipse Vert.x team members are in Madrid (Spain) this week!

The 23th of November, Galder (Infinispan) and Thomas (Vert.x) will be presenting at Madrid Java User Group two talks about Infinispan and Ver.x. From my side, I’ve been invited to give a talk about programming career path to Computer Science and Engineering students in the Universidad San Pablo CEU. 


The following days, 24th and 25th of November, Codemotion Spain will take place in Madrid. Codemotion is the biggest developer centric conference in Spain. More than 1.500 people will be attending this year. The conference does not focus on any particular technical stack. You can learn about mobile, web, front-end, back-end, devops and there are some inspirational tracks too during the two days of the conference.


On Friday, Galder will be presenting a talk about Streaming and BigData architecture. Thomas will be presenting "Better performance on server side with HTTP/2" and I will join a debate around Enterprise Culture, where I will give my insights about RedHat’s Culture. On Saturday we will run our Streaming Data Workshop: a hands on lab that showcases a simplified streaming architecture built on top of Infinispan and Vert.x and running on OpenShift. If you cannot attend any of these events, you can always do the workshop at your self peace.

We hope to see you in Madrid, or anywhere else in 2018!!

Cheers, Katia 

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