Monday, 16 July 2018

Infinispan 9.3.1.Final and 9.4.0.Alpha1

We have 2 new releases to announce today:

9.3.1.Final includes some important bug fixes, and we recommend all users of 9.3.0.Final to upgrade:

  • Fix for CVE-2018-1131 that allows unchecked deserialization in the server from binary java , XML and JSON payloads

  • Fixed transcoding from JSON/XML to java objects with deployed entities (ISPN-9336)

  • Look up key in cache loader if the entry has expired but hasn’t yet been removed from the data container (ISPN-9370)

  • Avoid circular references in exceptions, as they were causing stack overflows with logback 1.2.x (ISPN-9362)

See the full list of bug fixes here.

9.4.0.Alpha1 its the first iteration towards our next big release. Highlights include:

  • The Spring Cache provider now supports two configuration properties with which you can determine how long to wait for read and write operations respectively (ISPN-9301).

  • You can now obtain nanosecond-resolution statistics for average read/write/remove time (ISPN-9352).

  • Queries now throw an AvailabilityException if the cache is in degraded mode and partition mode isn’t ALLOW_READ_WRITES ([ISPN-9340)

  • Admin Console: You can now delete cache from Administration console (ISPN-7291).

  • Following up on the segmented data container in 9.3.0.Final, cache stores can now be segmented as well, allowing for better performance for bulk operations (ie. cache.size(), cache.entrySet().stream())

  • The server-side Hot Rod parser is now generated automatically (ISPN-8981

The full list of 9.4.0.Alpha1 fixes is here.

You can find both releases on our download page. Please report any issues in our issue tracker and join the conversation in our Zulip Chat to shape up our next release.  

Posted by Unknown on 2018-07-16
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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Infinispan 9.3.0.Final is out!

We’re delighted to announce the release of Infinispan 9.3.0.Final, which is a culmination of several months of hard work by the entire Infinispan community. Here’s a summary of what you can find within it:

First final release to work with both Java 8 and Java 10. Note that Infinispan only works in classpath mode.

Transaction support Hot Rod. The java Hot Rod client can participate in Java transactions via Synchronization or XA enlistment. Note that recovery isn’t supported yet.

Caches can now configure the maximum number of attempts to start a CacheWriter/CacheLoader on startup before cache creation fails.

Write-behind stores are now fault-tolerant by default.

Segmented On Heap Data Container. It improves performance of stream operations.

Server upgraded to Wildfly 13.

We have introduced several WildFly feature packs to make it easier for Infinispan to be utilised on WildFly instances via the Server Provisioning Plugin. The following feature packs have been created, most notably:


  • All of the modules required to connect to a hotrod server via the client


  • The modules required for embedded instances of Infinispan


  • The same as above but with query capabilities


  • This is equivalent to the

Hibernate second-level cache provider works with Hibernate ORM 5.3.

The Hot Rod Server allows now to use multiple protocols with a Single Port. The initial version supports HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and Hot Rod. Switching protocols can be done using TLS/ALPN and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade header.

Admin console - improved all editors (schema, scripts, JSON data) to include syntax highlighting.

Several enhancements in the Java Hot Rod client allowing to read and write data in different formats such as JSON, for cache operations and deployed filters/converters.

Cluster wide max idle expiration.

Component Upgrades

  • Hibernate Search 5.10

  • Hibernate ORM 5.3

Numerous bug fixes which improve stability

For more details, please check our issue tracking release notes.

Thanks to everyone involved in this release! Onward to Infinispan 9.4!



Posted by Galder Zamarreño on 2018-06-26
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Monday, 04 June 2018

Infinispan 9.3.0.CR1

Dear Infinispan Community,

we’re glad to announce that 9.3.0.CR1 is out!

This is the first release which works with both Java 8 and Java 10. Pre-releases of Java 11 work too. Note that Infinispan still only works in classpath mode.

Highlights of this release include:

Expanded transaction support in Hot Rod, which can now participate in Java transactions via Sync or Xa enlistment. Transaction recovery isn’t supported yet.

Caches can now configure the maximum number of attempts to start a CacheWriter/CacheLoader on startup before cache creation fails.

Write-behind stores are now fault-tolerant by default

Segmented On-Heap Data Container improves stream operation performance

We have introduced several WildFly feature packs to make it easier for Infinispan to be utilised on WildFly instances via the Server Provisioning Plugin. The following feature packs have been created:

  • infinispan-feature-pack-client: all of the modules required to connect to a hotrod server via the client

  • infinispan-feature-pack-embedded: the modules required for embedded instances of Infinispan

  • infinispan-feature-pack-embedded-query: the same as above but with query capabilities

  • infinispan-feature-pack-wf-modules: this is equivalent to the

2-Level cache now works with Hibernate ORM 5.3

The server now allows multiple protocols with a Single Port. The initial version supports HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and Hot Rod. Switching protocols can be done using TLS/ALPN and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade header.

Admin console - improved all editors (schema, scripts, JSON data) to include syntax highlighting

Component Upgrades: Hibernate Search 5.10 and Hibernate ORM 5.3

Numerous bug fixes which improve stability are also included (here is the full list of the solved issues).

As usual, you can find all the bits on our website. If you find any issues, don’t hesitate to report them on our issue tracker.

Posted by rigazilla on 2018-06-04
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Wednesday, 02 May 2018

Infinispan 9.2.2.Final and 9.3.0.Alpha1 are out

We have two releases to announce:

first of all is 9.2.2.Final which introduces a second-level cache provider for the upcoming Hibernate ORM 5.3 as well as numerous bugfixes.

Next is 9.3.0.Alpha1 which is the first iteration of our next release. The main item here, aside from bugfixes and preparation work for upcoming features, is the upgrade of our server component to WildFly 12.

Go and get them on our download page

Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2018-05-02
Tags: release final alpha hibernate second level cache provider

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Infinispan Spark connector 0.7 released!

A new version of connector that integrates Infinispan and Apache Spark has just been released!

This release brings compatibility with Infinispan 9.2.x and Spark 2.3.0.

Also included a new feature that allows to create and delete caches on demand, passing custom configurations when required. For more details, please consult the documentation.

To quickly try the connector, make sure to check the Twitter demo, and for any issues or suggestions, please report them on our JIRA.


Posted by Gustavo on 2018-03-29
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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Infinispan 9.2.1.Final

Infinispan users,

we have just released 9.2.1.Final which includes 65 fixes. Highlights of this release include:

Many fixes/improvements to the REST endpoint

  • Configurable CORS settings

  • HTTP/2 now works

  • Accept-Encoding and Content-Encoding handling

It is now possible to retrieve the list of cache names over Hot Rod

Substantial performance improvements when iterating over the file store

Lots of bug fixes, test fixes and documentation improvements

As usual you can find all the bits on our website. If you find any issues, don’t hesitate to report them on our issue tracker.


The Infinispan Team

Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2018-03-27
Tags: release

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Infinispan 9.2.0.Final

Infinispan 9.2.0.Final "Gaina" is out !

Our three-month time-boxing for a minor release plan got a little bit skewed this time in order to accommodate for some additional overhauls. This also means that, for a minor release, this is much meatier than usual.

Core improvements

  • Conflict resolution Automatic conflict resolution after a partition merge is now supported for all partition handling strategies and is enabled by default. Furthermore, it is now possible to deploy custom EntryMergePolicy implementations to the server

  • Reactive streams-based distributed Iteration improvements Distributed iterator now uses less threads and allows for efficient parallel retrieval providing for improved throughput

  • Biased reads for scattered caches Originator can read the ‘backup’ copy locally until the data gets overwritten again. Together with improved read performance this migrates data to nodes that use it. 

  • Off-heap sizing Off-heap requires less overhead per entry and provides for more accurate sizing allowing you to maximize your memory used

  • Exception based evictionA new "eviction" that instead of removing old entries prevents new entries being inserted (supported by all memory storage and eviction types)

API improvements

  • Multimap caches Available for both Embedded and for Hot Rod, these maps which can store multiple values for the same key

  • Clustered Counters Clustered counters are now available for Hot Rod and in non-clustered deployments.

  • Clustered Locks Available in embedded mode. They allow concurrent synchronization between nodes in the same cluster

  • Wildcard configurations Implicitly use a predefined configuration for all caches whose name matches a wildcard. This is particularly useful when using Infinispan through an API which doesn’t allow for additional configuration properties (such as JCache).

  • Cluster-wide cache admin with optional persistence The CacheManager API has been enhanced with methods to create/destroy caches across a cluster, in both Embedded and Hot Rod scenarios (REST will come in 9.3). Optionally, configurations can be made persistent across restarts.

  • Cache Stream Overloaded collect() method to take Supplier so that collect() in clustered environments is more user-friendly.

Data Interoperability

Transcoding is a powerful new feature which allows for transparent conversion between a number of formats across different endpoints. For example, it is now possible to write ProtoBuf-encoded data through the Hot Rod endpoint and retrieve that same data as a JSON document through the REST endpoint and vice versa. Additionally, such data is also indexable and queryable.

Indexing and Query

  • POJO queries over Hot Rod It is now possible to directly use Hibernate Search-annotated objects through JBoss Marshalling/Java serialization without the need for ProtoBuf over Hot Rod.

  • Broadcast queries Clustered queries have been unified with non-clustered queries under a single API, making their use transparent.


Infinispan Server

  • Rebased on WildFly 11 The server baseline has been updated to WildFly 11

  • Async Hot Rod server The Hot Rod server now uses async ops, sparing CPU cycles from context-switching and reducing the latency.

  • Queries over REST The REST endpoint now supports running Ickle queries. This is fully integrated with the above-mentioned JSON support, so your results will be returned to you as JSON documents.

  • Netty Hot Rod Client The Hot Rod Java client network layer has been completely rewritten to use Netty, bringing true asynchronous calls and some performance benefits.


Management, monitoring and logging

  •     Console support for counters

  •     Improved remote protocol access logging

  •     Jolokia is now integrated as a part of the server.


Infinispan on OpenShift

We have been doing a lot of work in making Infinispan a first-class citizen of OpenShift. Check out the OpenShift templates for more details.


  • JCache 1.1 This release is now aligned with JCache 1.1.

  • Hibernate second-level cache provider Traditionally shipped by our friends on the Hibernate ORM team, this component has now changed ownership over to us. This release includes a provider for both Hibernate 5.1 and 5.2.

  • Azure cloud discoveryCourtesy of JGroups' extras, we now support discovery in Azure.


The codename

In the grand-old tradition of giving major and minor Infinispan releases a beer-themed codename, 9.2 is no exception.

"Gaina", which means "chicken" in the milanese dialect, also happens to be one of the great beers of the Birrificio Lambrate in Milan.


Onwards to 9.3

We have already started working on our next release, 9.3 which should be with you at the end of May. This will continue the work to make Infinispan fully asynchronous inside out, reducing resource usage and increasing performance. We are also working on a new modular API which will improve usability, increase interoperability between embedded and remote scenarios and take advantage of reactive designs. Transactions should finally make their appearance in Hot Rod and security will be greatly enhanced, by taking advantages of the great work done by our friends over on the Elytron team. We have much more planned, so please consult our roadmap for details.


Download, learn and play

You will find downloads, documentation, tutorials, quickstarts and demos over on our website.

Please let us know on our forum, on IRC, on our issue tracker if you have any issues with this release, if there is any feature you would like to see in the future, or just to chat.

Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2018-02-28
Tags: release

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Infinispan 9.2.0.CR3

This should have been the announcement for Final, but we discovered a number of performance regressions as well as a few important bugs that needed fixing. We also slipped in a few features and improvements. So, without further ado, here’s what is new and noteworthy in Infinispan 9.2.0.CR3:

Various component upgrades

  • Netty 4.1.21

  • Hibernate Search 5.9.0.Final

  • Protostream to 4.2.0.CR1


  • Azure discovery

  • Use async ops in the Hot Rod server

  • Simplified client configuration when security is enabled

Lots of documentation updates

  • REST server changes

  • Data Encoding

  • Server tasks

And many bugfixes

Get your artifacts from maven, the distributions from our download page, the fixed issues from our issue tracker and read the updated documentation. Come and talk to us on IRC (#infinispan on Freenode) or ask questions on the forum.

Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2018-02-21
Tags: release release candidate

Friday, 02 February 2018

Infinispan 9.2.0.CR2 is out!

The Infinispan team is proud to announce that Infinispan 9.2.0.CR2 has been released!

New and noteworthy in this release:

  • [ISPN-8641] Wildfly 11 support

  • [ISPN-8715] Local counters

  • [ISPN-8695] Creation of caches from remote clients with custom configuration

  • [ISPN-8427] Support for non-String keys in the REST server

  • [ISPN-8619] Java Hot Rod client rewritten using Netty

For more details, consult the release notes.

As we approach the final version release quickly, users are encouraged to try it and send feedback. So, please head over to the download page and try it out. Or if you prefer you can run using Docker with:

    docker run -it jboss/infinispan-server:9.2.0.CR2

If you have any issues, please report it in our bug tracker, ask us on the forum, or join us for a friendly chat on the #infinispan IRC channel on Freenode.


Posted by Gustavo on 2018-02-02
Tags: release release candidate

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Infinispan 9.1.4.Final Released

Dear Infinispan Community,

We’re excited to announce the release of Infinispan 9.1.4.Final, which can be found on our download page.

Full details of the various fixes included in this release can be found here.

Posted by Ryan Emerson on 2017-12-19
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