Infinispan is a scalable, high-availability data grid. This is a native Ruby client implementation of Infinispan’s Hot Rod client/server protocol, allowing Ruby applications to natively store and retrieve strings and Ruby objects in the Infinispan data grid.

1. Introduction

This is a Level-1 client, meaning that it is a basic client and cannot perform smart routing. The client currently only supports using the default cache, and all operations of the Hot Rod protocol are implemented except the server statistics request.

2. Installation

$ gem install infinispan-ruby-client

3. Usage

Using the infinispan-ruby-client requires that you connect to an Infinispan server using the hotrod protocol.

  1. First start Infinispan, specifying hotrod for the protocol

    $INFINISPAN_DIR/bin/ -r hotrod
  2. Then write code

    require 'infinispan-ruby-client'
    cache = => #<Infinispan::RemoteCache:0x100365a78 @name="", @host="localhost", @port=11222>

    # Store and retrieve a string
    cache.put("Name", "Lance") => true
    cache.get("Name") => "Lance"

    # Store and retrieve a ruby object
    cache.put("Time", => true
    time = cache.get("Time") => Tue Jun 07 17:45:17 -0400 2011
    time.class => Time

4. Todo

  • Support cache names

  • Add ping operation before any call

  • Validate response headers

  • Get server statistics

  • Support for lifespanSeconds and maxIdleTimeSeconds

  • Support for intelligent clients and topologies, and listeners

  • Configuration files support

  • Transaction support

  • Support for Apache Avro Marshaller ??

5. Contributing back

Contributions, as always, are welcome be it in the form of code, tests or documentation.

5.1. Source code

This client, along with tests and documentation, are in GitHub, located under Feel free to fork and issue pull requests on changes. For more information on working with this repository and GitHub, refer to the Contributing Guide for Infinispan.