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Infinispan 7.0 Release Notes

Partition Handling

Detects split brain scenarios and reduces availability to provide consistency in such situations


  • Cache and CacheManager authorization with support for custom auditing. This feature can optionally integrate with the JDK SecurityManager.
  • HotRod authentication based on SASL and integrated with the Security Realms in the server.
  • Clustering authentication and authorization integrated with the Security Realms in the server.

Cross-Site Clustering

State-transfer across sites for seamless synchronization of data when a remote site is brought online

Clustered listeners

Distributed caches can now notify a single listener in the cluster of all write events

Distributed Entry Iterator

  • Allows for memory sensitive way to iterate entire contents of the cluster
  • Provides way for filtering of entries retrieved and materialized views

Map bulk operations enhancements (entrySet, keySet, values, size)

  • Operations now properly take into account entire cluster contents
  • Returned collections are now backing in that updates to the collection are reflected in the cache and vice versa

Map/Reduce performance improvements

Now takes advantage of multicore concurrency in all phases for exceptional speedup when compared to Infinispan 6


  • JCache (JSR-107) support upgraded to 1.0.0
  • Support for CDI events
  • OSGi support
  • Support for both Spring 3.x and 4.x

New experimental Soft Index File Store

A file store which indexes entries using B+ tree that is cached in-memory using Java's soft references

Uber JARs

To add Infinispan to your application you now need to use only one JAR

Brand new XML configuration

  • XML configuration has been revamped to match server-side configuration format found in Infinispan Server, Wildfly or JBoss Application Server 7.
  • Support for the XML format used by Infinispan 6.0 and older has been dropped

Query improvements

  • Indexless queries
  • Integration with Apache Lucene version 4.10.x
  • Improved reliability of index storage
  • Significant performance improvements for asynchronous indexing backends
  • Experimental support for “MoreLikeThis” queries
  • Automatic election of “master” indexing node (experimental)

Remote events over HotRod

  • Server-side cache events can be now propagated to Hot Rod clients that register listeners, enabling near-cache architectures.
  • Events can be filtered server-side and they can be customized to fit the user.

Remote Query improvements

  • Simplified schema management using the cache API
  • Schemas are automatically compiled by the server
  • Field-level indexing granularity
  • Protobuf schemas are supported without need to precompile them

Infinispan Server improvements

  • Hot Rod remote event filters and converters, container within JAR files, can be deployed using standard mechanisms to Infinispan Servers.
  • The server CLI is now built on top of WildFly’s CLI enabling access to the full Domain Management Model

Hot Rod 2.0 protocol improvements

  • RemoteCache.size() now implemented with a dedicated size() operation in the protocol, which takes both persistent store, and cluster wide cache contents into account.
  • Better topology updates sent to clients, containing less information and providing more precise key location mechanism.

Where do I get it ?

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