Hadoop Connector

Implementation of InputFormat and OutputFormat targeting the Infinispan Server.


Version Release date Release notes
0.4 2018/02/05 Release Notes Maven
0.3 2018/10/29 Release Notes Maven
0.2 2016/03/09 Release Notes Maven
0.1 2015/09/16 Maven

Kafka Connector

Implementation of Infinispan connector for Apache Kafka (sink connector).


Version Release date Release notes
0.5 2019/06/20 Maven
0.4 2019/03/26 Maven
0.3 2018/10/29 Maven
0.2 2018/05/18 Maven
0.1 2017/09/08 Maven

Apache Spark Connector

Infinispan based RDD and DStream implementation to use with Apache Spark.

GitHub Spark package

Version Release date Release notes
0.9 2018/11/02 Release Notes Maven sbt
0.8 2018/07/16 Release Notes Maven sbt
0.7 2017/03/28 Release Notes Maven sbt
0.6 2017/11/13 Release Notes Maven sbt
0.5 2017/03/31 Release Notes Maven sbt
0.4 2016/08/05 Release Notes Maven sbt
0.3 2016/04/06 Release Notes Maven sbt
0.2 2015/12/08 Release Notes Maven sbt
0.1 2015/08/12 Maven sbt

Hibernate OGM

The Hibernate team maintains the Hibernate OGM project, which integrates with Infinispan.

GitHub Download Hibernate OGM

Version Release date Release notes
5.1.0.Final 2017/03/01 Release Notes Maven


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