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Back from GeeCON 2016


Thanks to everyone who attended the Distributed Streams with Infinispan talk at GeeCON 2016!! It was a blast to give the talk and although there was a small hiccup with one of the demos, I managed to fix it and the both demos were successfully delivered. The code from the demos can be found in this git repository, and the slides can be found here.

I presented at GeeCON back in 2011 and it was great to be back once again! The organizers keep doing an amazing job and can’t wait to come back. I particularly enjoyed how GeeCON was embracing other programming languages outside the Java Virtual Machine. For example, there were talks on Julia and Elm programming languages, both of which were superb and I really enjoyed them :).

As always I could not attend all the talks I wanted to but heard good things about Tomer’s "How Shit Works: Storage" and Martin Thompson’s final "Top 10 Performance Mistakes" keynote. I hope to catch those when the videos are released.

Hope to come back to GeeCON next year! :)

Cheers, Galder

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