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Using Infinispan Server for your Redis clients

February 02, 2024    Tags: video demo redis

Dear Infinispan community, we’ve put together a video that shows how you can seamlessly connect your Redis clients to Infinispan Server, and take advantage of our advanced capabilities.

Infinispan RESP in action: Resque use case

January 19, 2024    Tags: demo use case resp redis

As you may know Infinispan 15 extended its RESP compatibility implementing most of the command related to the principal data types (set, list, hashes, sorted set…​). In this post we want to present a demo case of integration between a real application (Resque) a...

Infinispan Insights: Securing Infinispan with Keycloak

January 09, 2024    Tags: tutorial security rbac authentication keycloak

This tutorial shows you how to secure your Infinispan cluster using Keycloak. To understand the basics of Infinispan Security, check this blog post before. Key Points: Learn how to create a security realm in Keycloak. Override the default security realm in Infinispa...

Infinispan Insights: Security basics and secured caches

December 20, 2023    Tags: tutorial security rbac authentication

This article shows you how to secure your Infinispan cluster, protecting both cluster management and data access in various Infinispan caches Key Points: Learn how default authentication works in Infinispan Explore how authorization works in Infinispan. Understand...

Infinispan 15.0.0.Dev06

December 14, 2023    Tags: release development

Redis endpoint The Redis endpoint now implements most of the core Redis commands and data structures (strings, sets, lists, hashes and sorted sets), as well as implementing clustering and CRC16 slots. kNN Vector search Infinispan can now perform indexed kNN vector sea...

Infinispan kNN Vector Search

December 13, 2023    Tags: search vector knn indexing embeddings

With Infinispan 15.0.0.Dev06, we have started to expose vector search capabilities using Infinispan’s indexed queries. Using the newly introduced kNN predicate, it is possible to find and order results by the k nearest neighbors of a given vector. Mapping the embe...

Reviving MongoDB cache store

May 04, 2023    Tags: cache store mongodb persistence

After a long period of inactivity, the MongoDB store is now back to life. It has been upgraded to work with Infinispan 15. Reactive MongoDB driver Since the Infinispan cache store API is now fully reactive, the store has also been modified to use the reactive MongoDB ...

Infinispan 15.0.0.Dev01

April 24, 2023    Tags: release development

Infinispan 15.0.0.Dev01 marks the beginning of a new development cycle, and there are a number of notable changes that we are making that deserve a detailed post. Bye bye, Java EE, Hello Jakarta EE We’ve made the decision to drop Java EE support completely and f...

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