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Infinispan 15.0.0.Dev01

April 24, 2023    Tags: release development

Infinispan 15.0.0.Dev01 marks the beginning of a new development cycle, and there are a number of notable changes that we are making that deserve a detailed post. Bye bye, Java EE, Hello Jakarta EE We’ve made the decision to drop Java EE support completely and f...

Infinispan 14.0.7.Final

March 13, 2023    Tags: release development

We rarely do announcements for micro-releases, but 14.0.7.Final is a bit special, because it finally adds support for Spring 6 and Spring Boot 3. Spring Framework 6 and Spring Boot 3 We now ship components to support Spring Framework 6 and Spring Boot 3: <depend...

Infinispan 14 supporting duplicates on multimap

October 02, 2022    Tags: multimap

Dear Infinispan community, With the Infinispan 14 development release 04 multimap cache supports duplicates. By default supportsDuplicates is set to false and can be configured during initialization. The following is an example on how you can set multimap to support d...

Infinispan 14.0.0.Final

September 29, 2022    Tags: release development

Flying saucers are probably the most common type of UFO. They are sleek and shiny and, most importantly, they come in peace bringing lots of goodies from outer space! Just like Infinispan 14! Oh, and the fact that it’s also the name of a beer is no sheer coincidence. ...

Infinispan Node.js client supports query

September 25, 2022    Tags: hotrod Node.js client javascript release Protobuf query

Node.js Client 0.10.0 Infinispan Node.js client version 0.10.0 was released last week with added support of query with application/x-protostream data format. Up until now, our Node.js client only supported text/plain and application/json data formats. application/x-protos...

Creating cache with wizard - Infinispan 14

September 13, 2022    Tags: console

Dear Infinispan Community, An effective and concise way to create a cache with Infinispan Console is here. Creating a cache will now be effortless and user-centric with a wizard based intuitive approach. With the series of prompts, now user can create a cache just by se...

Infinispan 14.0.0.CR1

August 09, 2022    Tags: release development

Dear Infinispan community, Infinispan 14 candidate release 1 is here! Here is your chance to verify your application against our latest and greatest and tell us if things are working as expected or if there are any showstoppers we should address before tagging the final r...

Infinispan 14 OpenTelemetry tracing integration

July 18, 2022    Tags: opentelemetry tracing

Dear Infinispan community, With the Infinispan 14 development release 04, we started to support tracing with OpenTelemetry. If configured, Infinispan Server produces cache events tracing spans and sends them to a remote tracing collector server, such as Jaeger or Zipkin...

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