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Infinispan 15 indexing & query news

June 10, 2024    Tags: search vector score knn indexing embeddings

A short while back we released Infinispan 15 which delivered many improvements to the query API. This blog is an in-depth dive into some of these: Rest queries with projections: more projection types are supported using the REST API. Query cache API: regular and conti...

New video out! Highly available IAM with multi-site Keycloak deployments in the cloud

May 16, 2024    Tags: conferences java devoxx devoxxfr keycloak infinispan

The Infinispan team is excited to announce that the video of the acclaimed and highly rated talk at Devoxx France about Keycloak and Infinispan has been published. In this 45 minutes talk, Ryan Emerson and Alexander Schwartz explain how Keycloak’s Highly Available arc...

Infinispan at Devoxx France 2024

April 29, 2024    Tags: conferences java devoxx devoxxfr

Infinispan 15 in Devoxx France This month we participated in one of the biggest developers conference in Europe: Devoxx France in Paris. Infinispan did not have a specific talk, however it was present indirectly in two talks: Highly available Identity and Access Managem...

Infinispan 15 tracing news

April 05, 2024    Tags: opentelemetry tracing

In the previous version of Infinispan we introduced the OpenTelemetry Tracing capability. With the new version we evolved the integration in order to: configure it both globally and per-cach using the standard Infinispan configuration. trace more event types: cluster,...

Infinispan Operator 2.4.0

March 20, 2024    Tags: release operator kubernetes

We’re pleased to announce version 2.4.0 of the Infinispan Operator for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift. This is the first Operator release based on Infinispan 15. Release highlights: Infinispan 14.0.27.Final support Infinispan 15.0.0.Final support Allow...

Infinispan 15.0.0.Final

March 13, 2024    Tags: release final

Don’t you know I’m still standin' better than I ever did? Lookin' like a true survivor, feelin' like a little kid Those lyrics certainly apply to our newest, and best, release: Infinispan 15, which continues to improve on its mature foundation, and yet packs f...

Using Infinispan Server for your Redis clients

February 02, 2024    Tags: video demo redis

Dear Infinispan community, we’ve put together a video that shows how you can seamlessly connect your Redis clients to Infinispan Server, and take advantage of our advanced capabilities.

Infinispan RESP in action: Resque use case

January 19, 2024    Tags: demo use case resp redis

As you may know Infinispan 15 extended its RESP compatibility implementing most of the command related to the principal data types (set, list, hashes, sorted set…​). In this post we want to present a demo case of integration between a real application (Resque) a...

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