Get the latest downloads available for the current stable and development releases of Infinispan

Starting with Infinispan 10, we no longer offer a downloadable distribution of the embedded artifacts. Use your favourite dependency management tool (Maven / Gradle / Ivy) using the provided instructions.

Current Stable Release: Infinispan 14.0.19.Final

Looking for a fully supported version of Infinispan? Download Red Hat Data Grid

Current Development Release: Infinispan 15.0.0.Dev04

Looking for an older version? Infinispan Download Archive

Persistent Cache Stores

Cache stores are part of the core Infinispan distribution and therefore are developed and released in-sync with Infinispan itself. Most of these cache stores are included in the infinispan-embedded JAR. Those which require additional dependencies are available in separate artifacts.

Hot Rod Clients

Hot Rod is a wire protocol that Infinispan clients use to talk to a remote grid. It is a binary, platform-independent protocol that was developed in the open as a part of Infinispan.


This Is a short description of the feature to give the user an idea of how Infinispan helps them with their data management.