Blogs Danke Javaland, Merci Devoxx France!

Danke Javaland, Merci Devoxx France!

Ever since we started the Infinispan project, I simply don’t recall a time busier than the current one! As usual we’re working on new features and supporting our community and enterprise users, but on top of that we’re working on a big scale demo that we hope you are going to like it!

All of that has been happening with at the same time juggling one of the busiest periods in Infinispan evangelisation that I can remember! Here’s what I have been up to past month and a half:


On 18th of March I gave a brand new presentation at Javaland where I explored the Java RPC framework landscape. Since 2010, Infinispan has offered a binary remote, client/server API for interacting with the data. As more clients have been developed, we’ve been noticing that we’re spending more time that’d we’d like implementing features across different clients. In this talk I looked at existing Java RPC frameworks from the point of view of Infinispan’s remote API requirements. If we were to implement our binary protocol again, which option would fit best? The spectrum can be very vast so I limited myself to some know options (HTTP 1.1 REST), some options we have expertise on (Netty), some upcoming players (gRPC) and some lesser known but very powerful players (Aeron). The talk was not recorded but the slides can be found here:

Javaland was a very enjoyable conference set in a theme park near Cologne. The sessions were a mix in German and English. Although my German is not very good, I was able to follow some of the sessions.


After Javaland, I turned my attention to Devoxx France which was held in Paris mid-April. I had a couple of sessions at Devoxx France. The first was a streaming data analysis 3 hour university talk delivered along with Clement Escoffier from the Vert.x team. We already delivered this session at JFokus earlier this year, but at Devoxx France it was recorded so you’ll soon to be able to watch it! In the mean time, slides can be found below:

On top of that, Ray Tsang from Google joined Clement and I to deliver a 3 hour streaming data hands-on lab at Devoxx France. This was the same workshop we delivered in Devoxx Belgium and Codemotion Madrid in 2017. The big difference was that instead of having the users run it locally on their laptops within a virtual machine, they could run OpenShift and all the components inside of Google Cloud Platform. The users had a better experience as a result of not having to deal with a virtual machine :). I’d like to say special thanks to Ray for the Google Cloud Platform test accounts and the support during the workshop.


Finally, many thanks to all attendees that came to the sessions, and to the organisers/sponsors for creating two outstanding events!

In the next blog post I’ll be talking about Great Indian Developer Summit and Voxxed Days Zurich. Stay tuned! :)

Cheers, Galder

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