Blogs Thanks Great Indian Developer Summit & Voxxed Days Zurich

Thanks Great Indian Developer Summit & Voxxed Days Zurich

A few days after Devoxx France, I headed for Great Indian Developer Summit in Bangalore where I spoke about handling streaming data on top of a Kubernetes platform. This was a very similar talk to the one I gave at JFokus but with some important changes. Together with Clement we created a small RxJava 2 façade for Infinispan. When combined with Vert.x RxJava 2 API, we could finally have an idiomatic way of handling streaming data asynchronously and coordinating events purely using RxJava 2 APIs. This is crucial for working with streaming data in an efficient way. On top of that, I made some changes to push the binary data used by the demo outside of the deployment.

Unfortunately Murphy struck during the presentation and I was unable to run the live coding demo. A problem with Docker size image during preparation combined with a cleanup I ran before the talk meant some of the images had to be re-downloaded. The wireless internet connection at the conference nor the mobile connection were good enough for me to recover it. Once back in the hotel where I had a stable connection I was able to record a screencast of the steps I would have followed during the Great Indian Developer Summit talk. You can find this screencast below:

The code from the demo can be found here. The live coding steps I followed are defined here. Finally the slides can be found here:

Finally, for something slightly different, back in March I joined Ray Tsang for a talk at Voxxed Days Zurich. This was a really fun talk to be part of! We combined past stories of my time at JBoss support with Ray’s Kubernetes troubleshooting experience to create an engaging talk :). You can find the video below:

The week after slaskawiec and I travelled to Red Hat Summit as part of the work we did to integrate Red Hat Data Grid (Infinispan product version) into the Scavenger Hunt game presented on the keynote of the last day. Both Sebastian and I have been working on a blog series which will be published very soon.

Cheers, Galder

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