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CLI enhancements

One of the key aspects of our new server architecture is the management API exposed through the single port.

While I’m sure there will be those of you who like to write scripts with plenty of curl/wget magic, and those who prefer the comfort of our new web console, the Infinispan CLI offers a powerful tool which combines the power of the former with the usability of the latter.

During the Infinispan 11 development cycle, the CLI has received numerous enhancements. Let’s look at some of them !

User management

When using the built-in properties-based security realm, you had to use the user-tool script to manage users, passwords and groups. That functionality has now been built into the CLI:

[disconnected]> user create --password=secret --groups=admin john
[disconnected]> connect --username=joe --password=secret

Remote logging configuration

You can now modify the server logging configuration from the CLI. For example, to enable TRACE logging for the org.jgroups category, use the following:

[infinispan-29934@cluster//containers/default]> logging set --level=TRACE org.jgroups
logging configuration changes are volatile, i.e. they will be lost when restarting a node.

Server report

To help with debugging issues, the server now implements an aggregate log which includes information such as a thread dump, memory configuration, open sockets/files, etc.

[bespin-29934@cluster//containers/default]> server report
Downloaded report 'infinispan-bespin-29934-20200522114559-report.tar.gz'
this feature currently only works on Linux/Unix systems.

Real CLI mode

It is now possible to invoke all CLI commands directly from the command-line, without having to resort to interactive mode or a batch. For example: user create --password=secret --groups=admin john

Native CLI

The CLI can now be built as a native executable, courtesy of GraalVM's native-image tool. We will soon be shipping binaries/images of this, so look out for an announcement.

Get it, Use it, Ask us!

We’re hard at work on new features, improvements and fixes, so watch this space for more announcements!

Please, download and test the latest release.

The source code is hosted on GitHub. If you need to report a bug or request a new feature, look for a similar one on our JIRA issues tracker. If you don’t find any, create a new issue.

If you have questions, are experiencing a bug or want advice on using Infinispan, you can use GitHub discussions. We will do our best to answer you as soon as we can.

The Infinispan community uses Zulip for real-time communications. Join us using either a web-browser or a dedicated application on the Infinispan chat.

Tristan Tarrant

Tristan has been leading the Infinispan Engineering Team at Red Hat for quite a while now, as well as being Principal Architect for Red Hat Data Grid. He's been a passionate open-source advocate and contributor for over three decades.