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Infinispan Operator 2.4.0

We’re pleased to announce version 2.4.0 of the Infinispan Operator for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.

This is the first Operator release based on Infinispan 15.

Release highlights:

  • Infinispan 14.0.27.Final support

  • Infinispan 15.0.0.Final support

  • Allow Readiness, Liveness and Startup probe values to be configured

  • Simplify JGroups configuration to use "Kubernetes" stack provided by Infinispan server

  • CloudEvents integration no longer has any effect with 15.0.x servers onwards

  • Cross-Site Replication (XSite) improvements:

    • Use TLSv1.3 as default

    • TLS client authentication by default

    • Configure Gossip Route idle connection timeout

OperatorHub Channel

From this release onwards all Infinispan Operator releases will be added to the "stable" channel. Please transition from the "2.3.x" Subscription channel to "stable" in order to consume 2.4.0.

Our intention is to continue our current versioning scheme, whereby the Operator minor version is incremented when support for a new Infinispan major version is added. However, to simplify upgrades, all future Operator releases will be added to the "stable" channel, instead of x.y.z, so that it’s no longer necessary for the Subscription channel to be changed when upgrading.

Infinispan Server Support

Future 2.4.x Operator releases will include the latest releases for both the 15.0.x and 14.0.x Infinispan server streams. While we always recommend users to transition to the latest Infinispan major version as soon as possible, supporting both server streams in the Operator will provided additional flexibility those depending on Infinispan as part of a 3rd party integration, e.g. Keycloak users.

Get it, Use it, Ask us!

We’re hard at work on new features, improvements and fixes, so watch this space for more announcements!

Please, download and test the latest release.

The source code is hosted on GitHub. If you need to report a bug or request a new feature, look for a similar one on our JIRA issues tracker. If you don’t find any, create a new issue.

If you have questions, are experiencing a bug or want advice on using Infinispan, you can use GitHub discussions. We will do our best to answer you as soon as we can.

The Infinispan community uses Zulip for real-time communications. Join us using either a web-browser or a dedicated application on the Infinispan chat.