Get Started

It’s easy… just follow these steps

Step 1

Get Infinispan

Infinispan requires authentication and authorization by default. Create a user named `admin` to implicitly have a user with the admin role.

Run one of the following commands:

podman run -it -p 11222:11222 -e USER="admin" -e PASS="password" --net=host

docker run -it -p 11222:11222 -e USER="admin" -e PASS="password"

Step 2

Open the Console

Open localhost:11222 in any browser and then log in.

Step 3

Create a cache

  1. Select *Create a cache*.
  2. Specify a cache name.
  3. Follow the cache creation wizard leaving all the default options.
  4. Select *Create* to the entry to your cache.

You can also create a cache from a xml, json or yaml configuration.

Step 4

Add data

  1. Select your cache and then *Add entry*.
  2. Specify "hello" as the key and "world" as the value.
  3. Optionally specify the time to live or maximum idle time.
  4. *Add* the entry to your cache.

After you add data, you can enter the key to retrieve and view the entry.

That’s it! You’re now using Infinispan.

Visit Getting Started with Infinispan Server if you want to run on bare-metal. If you want to run in your application, go to Embedding Infinispan.