What we plan to add in the next release.

Infinispan is on a time-boxed release schedule, with a new release every three months. The list below shows features targeted for the next few releases. Bear in mind that features might be postponed to a future release in case they are not of satisfactory quality at the end of a cycle.

Warning: The list below is subject to change without notice at any time.


  • New Modular API


  • Active-active async cross-site with conflict resolution
  • Continued performance and resource improvements
  • In-place rolling upgrades


  • ProtoBuf 3 support for remote queries


  • Encrypted password storage
  • SCRAM authentication mechanism

Server / Remote

  • Lightweight Server
  • New RESTful API

Management / Monitoring

  • Console improvements
  • CLI improvements
  • Supportability improvements
  • Tracing