Infinispan is easy. Let us walk you through it!

Infinispan Code Tutorials

Very simple, straight-to-the-point, code examples of specific Infinispan features and integrations.

Getting Started Guides

Getting started guides are a way to get into Infinispan using a step-by-step approach and are designed to be completed in 15-30 minutes.

The Client/Server Weather APP tutorial

Learn how to use Infinispan from the Web Console and remote Hot Rod clients. This tutorial includes Java applications that use Infinispan capabilities to provide services fro a searchable weather monitoring system.

The Embedded mode Weather APP tutorial

A complete tutorial on how to embed Infinispan in your application, progressing from a simple local-only cache to a fully-distributed compute grid


Over time developers and contributors have developed demo applications that use Infinispan. This set of demos showcase type of applications that be built with Infinispan and they’re more complex than the tutorials above. Support for these demos is best effort. An index of these demos, along with a brief summary and information on key Infinispan features, can be found in the Infinispan Github Repo.

Quarkus demo

Infinispan and Quarkus integration example.

SQL Store Demo

Infinispan SQL store demo with Quarkus.

Eclipse Vert.x demo

Infinispan and Vert.x integration example.

Spring-Boot demo

Infinispan and Spring-Boot integration example.