Learn about Infinispan by watching various recorded demos, presentations and screencasts which we hope you’d find useful.

Spring Caches with Protocol Buffers

Katia gives a talk on how Infinispan uses Protobuf encoding to marshall and store data in caches for Spring applications.

Real-time data on the open hybrid cloud with Quarkus and Infinispan

Katia gives a talk on how we implemented a global players ranking in an on-line Battleship game deployed on different clouds spanning several continents in real time using Quarkus and Infinispan.

Redis vs Infinispan

Tristan gives an informative talk that explores difference between Infinispan and Redis and, more importantly, demonstrates capabilities that could have a major impact on architectural design for your Java applications.

Infinispan, Debezium and Quarkus

After an overview of the key use cases and capabilities of the two projects, we'll explore in a demo how you can combine Debezium and Infinispan, using Cross-Site Replication, for even greater awesomeness: All this driven by Quarkus and connected via Apache Kafka.

Infinispan 10

Katia presents an overview of Infinispan, highlighting use cases for both embedded and server mode with Vert.x and Quarkus. This presentation is suitable for any level of Java developer, from beginner to experienced.

Infinispan 8.1.0 Admin Console

Tour the Server Management Console for Infinispan 8.1.0. In this video, you learn how to monitor and manage Infinispan clusters and cache instances.

Geographic Failover for JBoss Clusters

Watch Bela Ban present how Infinispan clusters use the JGroups RELAY protocol to backup cache state across geographic regions.