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Infinispan 14 supporting duplicates on multimap

Dear Infinispan community,

With the Infinispan 14 development release 04 multimap cache supports duplicates.

By default supportsDuplicates is set to false and can be configured during initialization.

The following is an example on how you can set multimap to support duplicate key-value pairs:

public class MyEmbeddedMultimapCacheExmaple {

public static void main(String[] args) {
      DefaultCacheManager cacheManager = new DefaultCacheManager();

      MultimapCacheManager multimapCacheManager = EmbeddedMultimapCacheManagerFactory.from(cacheManager);

      multimapCacheManager.defineConfiguration("multimap", new ConfigurationBuilder().build());

      // Get the MultimapCache with duplicates support
      MultimapCache<String, String> multimap = multimapCacheManager.get("multimap", true);

      // Store duplicate values in a key
            multimap.put("key", "value1"),
            multimap.put("key", "value1"),
            multimap.put("key", "value3"))
            .whenComplete((nil, ex) -> {
               // Retrieve the values
               multimap.get("key").whenComplete((values, ex2) -> {
                  // Print them out

                  System.out.println("Multimap size:" + values.size());
                  // Stop the cache manager and release all resources
[value1, value1, value3]
Multimap size: 3

Further reading

Check out for available documentation Infinispan MultimapCache Guide.

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Yusuf Karadag

Yusuf is a student developer at JBoss for the Google Summer of Code 2022 and a newbie software engineer. He has been contributing to the @Infinispan project.