Use Cases Replace Memcached with Infinispan

Replace Memcached with Infinispan

Why ?

Memcached is a popular in-memory cache. However it has a number of limitations:

  • Memcached does not implement persistence, so restarting a server means that all data is lost.
  • Memcached does not implement transactions.
  • Memcached does not implement geographical replication.

Infinispan is an in-memory database which does not have any of the above limitations, and offers even more advanced features. Infinispan understands both the text and binary protocols implemented by Memcached, so you can connect to it with any compatible Memcached client without changing any configuration.


  1. An application which uses a Memcached client for caching.
  2. Infinispan Server.


docker run -p 11222:11222 -p 11211:11211 -c infinispan-memcached.xml

Now you can connect to the server using your Memcached clients as you normally would.

$ telnet 11211
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
set foo 0 300 3
get foo
VALUE foo 0 3
delete foo

The server listens on two ports:

  • 11211 the default Memcached port with no authentication enabled.
  • 11222 the default Infinispan server port with automatically generated username and password which are printed on startup. Connect to this with a browser to access the Infinispan administration console.

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