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Infinispan 12.1.2.Final

May 07, 2021    Tags: release

Dear Infinispan community, It’s been a month since our first 12.1.0.Final release and we already released two additional minors with some bug fixes and upgrades. The latest version is 12.1.2.Final. Highlights of Infinispan 12.1.1 and 12.1.2 include: Grafana Dash...

Infinispan 12.1.0.Final

April 07, 2021    Tags: release

Dear Infinispan community, As a belated surprise in your chocolate egg this year is a brand new final release. Infinispan 12.1 Taedonggang includes a bunch of new features and fixes. Out-of-the-box authorization in the server The biggest change is the fact that the ...

Introducing WildFly Clustering Spring Session

March 16, 2021    Tags: spring spring session httpsession wildfly

Dear Infinispan community, Last week I released version 3.0.0.Final of wildfly-clustering-spring-session, a new Spring Session implementation based on WildFly’s distributed HttpSession manager and Infinispan. Doesn’t Infinispan already provide a Spring Ses...

Infinispan 12.0.1.Final "Lockdown"

February 12, 2021    Tags: release

Dear Infinispan community, we hope you’ve been enjoying all the new goodies included in our latest major release, Infinispan 12. We now have a brand new micro release for you which addresses a number of issues. The following list shows what we have fixed: Co...

Infinispan 12.0.0.Final

January 25, 2021    Tags: release

Infinispan 12.0.0.Final Dear Infinispan community, we hope you, your families and colleagues are doing well in these trying times. We’ve been working hard over the last few months to bring you a brand-new release of Infinispan. Infinispan 12, aptly codenamed Lockdow...

Infinispan 12.0.0.Dev03

September 08, 2020    Tags: release development

Dear Infinispan community, Infinispan 12 development release 03 is here! Cross Site Replication With the new asynchronous cross-site replication algorithm introduced in Infinispan 11, this release brings a long desired feature: conflict resolution. It is possible ...

Non Blocking Journey

August 31, 2020    Tags: non-blocking server embedded

As many you are probably aware recent trends have shown that making applications non blocking provides quite a few benefits allowing for greater scalability with less resources. Infinispan has been written and rewriting parts to take advantage of this as we can for both emb...

The Developer Conference Sao Paulo

August 28, 2020    Tags: presentation quarkus event

Dear Infinispan community, What is The Developer’s Conference? The Developer’s Conference (TDC) is the largest event related to software development in Brazil connecting meetup and event organizers, speakers, companies and sponsors on a single platform, empowering the...

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