Distributed executors come to Infinispan 5.0.0.ALPHA2

I’m delighted to announce the release of Infinispan 5.0.0.ALPHA2 that includes the very first version of Infinispan’s Distributed Executor Framework. Make sure you have a look at the javadocs for the distributed executor package and the map/reduce package. Watch out for a forthcoming blog entry from Vladimir with plenty more information and examples!

On top of this, the mechanism to plug user-defined externalizers has changed for ALPHA2 based on invaluable feedback from the community, making it easier for third party applications to abstract Infinispan’s Externalizer framework and hide it from end users. From ALPHA2 onwards, Infinispan Lucene directory provides its own Externalizer implementations and so expect a performance improvement in the RPC calls it mades.

As usual Infinispan 5.0.0.ALPHA2 is available for download from here, issues fixed can be found here, and provide feedback here.



Posted by Galder Zamarreño on 2011-01-18
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