The final 5.0 alpha is out!

The final alpha release, 5.0.0.ALPHA4, has just been released with plenty of goodies to play with:

  • For end users, the biggest change is a further refinement of the fluent API first introduced in ALPHA3. We’ve basically worked hard to make it even more fluent and make it easier to quickly read and write programmatic configuration. The end result can be found in this example test file. Note that this changes are not compatible with 5.0.0.ALPHA3 fluent API.

  • For those service providers who are extending Infinispan to provide their own functionality, you can know extend Infinispan so that your own commands can be sent to other Infinispan nodes. This helps solve problems such as HHH-3818 in more elegant way without needing to rely on listeners and special types of objects. You can find examples of how to extend Infinispan to build your own commands here, and please note that as with any SPI, it requires a high understand of the code involved, so use it with care.

There’s some other minor API changes and fixes as show in the release notes. As always, please use the user forums to report back, grab the release here, enjoy and keep the feedback coming.

Finally, the release for the first Beta in the 5.0 series will be very short, so keep an eye for an announcement very soon!



Posted by Galder Zamarreño on 2011-03-29
Tags: release alpha
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