RadarGun 2.1.0.Final

I’m happy to announce RadarGun 2.1.0.Final is officialy out. RadarGun is a multi purpose testing tool, which provides means to measure performance and test features specific to distributed systems (data grids, caches in particular).  

The release contains multiple fixes and improvements listed below:

  • New plugins: jdg65, infinispan71, infinispan72, infinispan80, jcache

  • Reporting improvements (perfrepo reporter, percentile chart, net/gross throughput)

  • GaussianKeySelector

  • Enhanced listener support

  • JMX invocation stage now supports setting attributes

  • LogLogic improvements

  • Enanced TopologyHistory & WaitForTopologySettle stage

  • Better test coverage

  • Multiple bug fixes

From this point on, the main development will continue in 3.x line. We are preparing considerable design changes, so that RadarGun can be easily utilized to measure performance of other areas as well (e.g. JPA).

For more information about RadarGun, feel free to visit our wiki page, or try five minute tutorial. In case of any issues, please refer to our issue tracker.

Thanks everyone for their contributions!

Posted by Unknown on 2015-08-05
Tags: radargun release
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