Infinispan 9.2.0.CR2 is out!

The Infinispan team is proud to announce that Infinispan 9.2.0.CR2 has been released!

New and noteworthy in this release:

  • [ISPN-8641] Wildfly 11 support

  • [ISPN-8715] Local counters

  • [ISPN-8695] Creation of caches from remote clients with custom configuration

  • [ISPN-8427] Support for non-String keys in the REST server

  • [ISPN-8619] Java Hot Rod client rewritten using Netty

For more details, consult the release notes.

As we approach the final version release quickly, users are encouraged to try it and send feedback. So, please head over to the download page and try it out. Or if you prefer you can run using Docker with:

    docker run -it jboss/infinispan-server:9.2.0.CR2

If you have any issues, please report it in our bug tracker, ask us on the forum, or join us for a friendly chat on the #infinispan IRC channel on Freenode.


Posted by Gustavo on 2018-02-02
Tags: release release candidate
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