Infinispan 9.4.0.CR3, 9.3.3 and codename vote

Hi Infinispan Community,

our original plan was to release 9.4 Final today, but we have decided to delay the release by an extra sprint (3 weeks). So today we are announcing 9.4.0.CR3 instead, which comes with the following fixes:

  • Segmented off-heap data container

  • Performance improvements for Near Caches

  • Hot Rod client-side statistics

  • Removal of the old compatibility mode in favor of the new transcoding capabilities is now complete

  • Server rebased on top of WildFly 14

  • Lots of code cleanups, especially around query

  • Bug fixes

For those of you on our stable branch, we also released a 9.3.3 with some bug fixes.

Please download, report bugs, chat with us, ask questions on the forum or on StackOverflow.

As this release is yet unnamed, please make sure you vote for the name:


Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2018-09-17
Tags: release release candidate
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