Hotrod clients C++ and C# 8.3.0.Final are out!

Dear Infinispanners,

The C++ and C# 8.3.0.Final releases are out!

Main features contained in this release are:

  • Cache Admin Operations: create and remove cache at runtime;

  • Counters: clusterwide counters;

  • Transactions: run a list of operations transactionally;

  • Media Types: use differents media-types to encode (key,value) pairs.

Source code, binaries and docs are available as usual at the links below.

Thank you for reading, The Infinispan Team

Release notes for the 8.3.0 serie [2][C code for 8.3.0.Final] [2#] C# code for 8.3.0.Final

Posted by rigazilla on 2018-11-15
Tags: c++ release final c#
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