10.0.0.Alpha3 and 9.4.6.Final

Hey there,

the Infinispan team has cooked two releases for you today:


This release contains 3 features:

  • [ISPN-4075] - State transfer should preserve the creation timestamp of entries

  • [ISPN-9320] - Automatic hot rod client version selection

  • [ISPN-9625] - Make clustered locks configuration possible by XML

  • [ISPN-9771] - Support for configuration in JSON format

We’ve also started removing code which was deprecated in the past, so check the upgrading document to see what you need to adapt in your application. This document will receive further changes during the 10.0 cycle.

Some other features are in the works and should be landing during the beta period. Check the first of the alpha posts to learn more about the new stuff.


The stabilization of 9.4 continues with this micro release.

Highlights are:

  • [ISPN-7889] - BaseDistributionInterceptor.remoteGet may cause concurrency issues [ISPN-8889] - Data race in NonTxInvocationContext

  • [ISPN-9873] - Remove listeners when the lock is removed

  • [ISPN-9822] - BasicComponentRegistryImpl fails with security manager

  • [ISPN-9819] - Improve Spring-Session events handling in remote and embedded

Please report any issues in our issue tracker and join the conversation in our Zulip Chat to shape up our next release.

Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2019-01-28
Tags: release alpha
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