Infinispan 10.1.0.Beta1

Dear Infinispan community,

Quick on the heels of Infinispan 10.0 here comes the first Beta or 10.1.


This release closes the gap between the legacy server and the new server we introduced in 10.0. In particular:

  • The reworked console (which will be described in detail in an upcoming series of blog posts)

  • Kerberos authentication for both Hot Rod (GSSAPI, GS2) and HTTP/Rest (SPNEGO)

  • Query and indexing operations/stats are now exposed over the RESTful API

  • Tasks and Scripting support


More work has landed on the quest to completely remove blocking calls from our internals. The following have been made non-blocking:

  • the size operation

  • cache stream ops with primitive types

Additionally caches now have a reactive Publisher which is intended as a fully non-blocking approach to distributed operations.

Components upgrades

  • rxjava 2.2.12

  • smallrye metrics 2.3.0

  • microprofile metrics 2.2

Bug fixes, clean-ups and documentation

Over 40 bug fixes. See the full list of changes and fixes

Get it, Use it, Ask us!

Please download, report bugs, chat with us, ask questions on StackOverflow.

Infinispan 10.1.0.CR1 is scheduled for December the 7th.

Posted by Tristan Tarrant on 2019-11-18
Tags: beta release
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